Longtermism is the view, that the most important decisions we make today are those, that affect the far future.

The most central idea is the sheer number of people that could live in the future. Even if humanity only stays on earth, there could be millions of generations. Far more humans could walk this planet than already have in the 100.000-year history of our species.

But this great future is at risk:

Climate change is threatening the world order we know today. Replacement of millions may lead to injustice, instability and conflict.

This century we might develop AI systems that outperform us in many tasks and if not implemented correctly, we might lose control of our civilization forever.

Bioweapons of mass destruction might be constructed with the fast development of genetics and biotechnology that may be capable to end our species entirely.

We need more engaged people striving to preserve the future of humanity. Get involved in Effective Altruism if you want to learn more.

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